29 November 2003

Zen Shopping

Well, it was one of those shopping days where I was in THE ZONE. All we went out for was a pair of gloves for me to use at the gym. We went to a new sports place that had just opened up on the other side of the city. We got the gloves and then decided to have a look around. In the camping section I found some plain aluminium plates that I had been looking for for ages. And on the way out, we found these cool hip bags with a water bottle attached. I got three of those, they were only $10 each and they were perfect for 3 of 4 of my nephews. When we got outside, I realised that the checkout person had not charged me for the plates! On the way back to the car, I found a couple of trendy beach bags for $10 each that were perfect for my neices (we live in a beach suburb, everyone lives at the beach in summer, so very handy). So by the time we'd left that shopping centre, I'd bought the majority of my Christmas shopping, without even trying!

We then headed for lunch. We went to Oporto (a chicken place). The parking gods were smiling, we got a spot right out front, in the shade!! We were thinking we were going to have to walk a block or two at least. Very yummy lunch.

Then we went to Spotlight (big fabric shop). They had the linen cotton blend I use all the time on special for $2m!! Down from $8. So I stocked up on that. And when we got to the register, the good linen was marked down from $16.95 to $12.95 so another saving.

New Embroidery Magazine

While I was shopping this morning I came across a new embroidery magzine by Homespun Magazines. They have a whole range of craft magazines on the market here in Australia. The projects in this one are similar to what you would find in Inspirations but with more variety.

This first edition of the magazine has the following projects and techniques:

  • Pansy Pouch - silk ribbon and beading
  • Floral Table Runner - satin, stem, chain, detatched buttonhole
  • Lilac Blooms - long short, satin, stem, french knot
  • Girls Wall Hanging - crazy patch, straight stitch, knots, silk ribbon
  • Vintage Hat Boxes - cross stitch
  • Gardening Set - blanket, chain, stem, knots, whipped chain
  • Bed Set - back, blanket, bullion, lazy daisy, ribbon
  • Floral Blanket - wool embroidery
  • Book Cover - cross stitch
  • Stumpwork Passionfruit - back, couching, knot, long and short, satin etc

As you can see, there are many projects (which when necessary have a chart, pattern or instructions on the pull out pattern sheet). There is also an extensive stitch library as well as quite a few ads (I like the adds, some of the materials are hard to find and its good to know where to look). I will definately be buying this one again.