20 January 2004

Another Project Nearing Completion

Well, finally did some stitching last night. I had to add some small bits of gold cording to my Oriental Lilies Book Cover. There was a bit in the middle where the backing was showing through. So I've filled that in with the gold cording and then covered the entire centre and the bottom bits of the petals with a mix of light and dark green beads. I wanted something to break up the gold and also the picture I was working from had green in the middle of the petals. The beads add a bit more sparkle and texture to the piece. So it's now off the frame. I just need to overlock the edges and make it up into the book cover. That shouldn't take long, then its all finished and ready to be shipped off to the new owner.

I also did some more washing of material last night. I am going to overdye some very purple linen/cotton blend with some red dye to try and make a more usable plum colour. If it works, its going to be a middle class day outfit. I bought some thin trim on the weekend, so this one will be done with a wide and thin trim strip. That will look pretty spiffy I think. And I will trim the sleeves with black as well.

On the kitten front, Cleo caught a mouse last night. I think she actually caught it out side and brought it in to show us. She was so proud of herself. Wasn't too keen on sharing it with Pharaoh who got hissed at when he got too close.