7 January 2004

Not Much Happening

Been too hot to do much. I went to the gym yesterday and nearly died. I was going to go today but my gym partner bailed on me. Probably a good thing as its currently 39 degrees C. Just a bit warm for the gym. I will however be walking to the gym as its the only place to buy lunch from.

Not much on the stitching front. I did a fake lace around the top of my chemise. I decided against doing anymore embroidery on it. I will keep this one for my peasant outfit and as a workhorse. I ordered a 20 yard bolt of 3.5oz linen from Fabrics-store.com. They have improved the ease of purchasing for international people, which is great to see. In fairness though, they have always given me great customer service when it comes to answering questions and making sure that everything was sorted out before they shipped my orders. So with a bit of luck I will have plenty of linen to make chemises' ready for Festival at Easter. I will go more wild with the decoration on these ones.