16 February 2004

Finally Stitching Again

Well, Friday was hot. Saturday was hot. Sunday was hot. See the theme?

I spent all Saturday morning cleaning the house, really seriously, cleaned the toilet, cleaning the house. I also had to get ready for a big SCA do in the afternoon. It was up at an old water works. The Council have gutted the building and its just this big shed. But outside is the most gorgeous, manicured lawn. So we set up under the trees and spent the afternoon watching the guys and girls fight. I did some embroidery, some 17th Century motifs to making into scent pouches to give away.

The theme for the event was A Midsummer Nights Dream, which meant the figthers were often visited mid-bout by the fairies, who interfered by making people fight standing on one leg, or swapped weapons or made them use fluffy toys as weapons. Added a light air to the proceedings. I got to wear my new Florantine dress. Needs to be done up tighter as certain parts of my anatomy kept falling out of place!!

There was a feast at night, which we ended up eating outside as it was cooler. So the Saturday night was spent sitting outside in the cool, on a soft lawn looking up at the stars. Not a bad way to while away the night.

Sunday, I did nothing!! I was totally unmotivated. I managed to sew the skirt to the bodice of the outfit I am working on. I had to hand sew it after breaking the needle in my machine. Bugger!!

So now all that needs to be done on the outfit is sew up the front seem of the skirt and put on the lacing rings at the top of the shoulders.