15 March 2004

I'm Baaack!

Did you miss me?

Sorry for the long delay between posts but I have been shackled to the sewing machine for the last 7 days. In that time I managed to make the following:

  • 1 x High necked chemise, no ruffle
  • 1 x High necked chemis, with ruffles
  • 1 x Browny/Maroon Elizabethan Working Class Square Neck Bodice Dress, Black Trim
  • 1 x Black Elizabethan Middle Class Square Neck Bodice Dress
  • 1 x Red Working Class Square Neck Bodice Dress, Black Trim
  • 1 x Brown Plaid Early Period Tunic

I am now heartily sick of the site of the sewing machine, but I don't feel nearly as guilty about buying the overlocker because I used it heaps. I am even thinking of putting it in for a clean and service!!

I now have enough clothes to wear at Festival, with enough to take a couple of backup outfits if the rain comes. I now have to get other Festival related things under control, like getting camping gear organised (I put up my new camp bed for a trial run on the weekend, Cleo says its very comfortable!!). I will be posting pictures as they finishing touches are put on the dresses. They are basically done, just need the hooks and eyes down the front to keep them closed.

The other main preparations I have for Festival is to get more embroidery done. The Laurels run a Token Tourney at Festival. It is a chance for those who do Arts and Sciences to display their work and get comments and feedback from the Laurels. I only have four completed pieces as alot of the stuff I did last year was given away. So I plan to start three or four projects to take with me for display. That should be enough to work with. I was thinking of a couple of blackwork projects, maybe even my sleeves, some goldwork and polychrome silk, maybe a night cap.

Finally, on the SCA front, at Barony meeting yesterday, I got my target arrows! Yay. Now to get the blunts. I was hoping for blunts to do the Agincourt Run at Festival but I don't think they will be ready by then, which is a shame. Ah well, there is always next year.

I didn't make it to the big craft show on the weekend, no one to get a lift with, which is a bummer cause I always like the variety they have at the Maitland Craft A Fair.

Our neighbour made it home from the hospital last week. His cats were very glad to see him, then they decided to ignore him in punishment for leaving! Cleo was abusing me all the time for hanging out with those hussy cats from next door. But I think she is over that now. She has managed to scrape a big bit of fur from her inner thigh. I think she must have stacked it in the cat run. The wound is clean, so we aren't taking her to the vet, just keeping an eye on it. She isn't worried about it, still jumping around like mad. She is a bit like me, gets bumps and bruises all the time and doesn't notice them.

That is about it. Pretty boring holiday really but achieved my main objective of getting clothes done.