29 March 2004


Damn, bum and blast! I just sniped again on ebay, in the last 10 seconds!!! Last week I missed out on some old embroidery magazines. I wasn't really worried about those. But I stumbled across a book today, it only had an hour left. It was "Traditional Embroidered Animals" by Sarah Don. I've never heard of this book before, but the description had all words that set of my little historical embroidery sensors - The Bayeux Tapestry, Animals in Medieval Ecclesiastical Embroidery, Sixteenth Century Canvas Work, Elizabethan Creatures, Emblems and Early Blackwork, Pattern Books and Crewel Work, Stumpwork and Beadwork, Heraldry, Samplers, Animals in the Rural Idyll and Berlin Woolwork. I am definately going to have to start putting in higher bids earlier.

So if you have a copy of this laying around and would like to swap it for our world famous Australian chocolate, drop me a line.