22 April 2004

Counted = Boring!

Well, I did another couple of hours on the scissors sheath and it is annoying me already. I now see why cross stitchers hate doing backstitch. Although what I am doing is slightly different, it still seems a bit tedious. Hopefully, once I start getting some colour on it, I will get a bit more motivated.

I am still trying to decide about how to do the background. In period examples of this style, the background is often done in silver-gilt thread. Now I am not really keen on doing it in silver, if I was to go metallic, I'd rather use gold. But I am thinking of doing it in silk, I think this will wear better and I have to remember that this is going to be a work piece. Now, if I do do it in silk, what colour? I'm thinking something dark, so that the flowers and gold really pop. Maybe a navy or midnight blue?? Not to dark or the annoying black outlining won't show up.