28 April 2004

Stitchers Five - Kits or Charts?

1. Which do you prefer, Kits or Charts?
Neither, I don't normally use kits or charts. But when I do I use kits.

2. Why?
I very rarely use other peoples designs. So when I find something I really like, I want to be able to just start and not have to run around finding the materials. Since the only kits I've bought all involve hard to get materials, its just easier to buy kits and save on the messing around. I've only ever bought 5 kits in my entire life and three of those were very small cross stitch projects (all completed). The other two were a crewel kit and an Elizabethan inspired kit that had all sorts of obscure things in it, including a special Japanese needle for using gold thread.

3. How do you organise your materials before you stitch?
Organise, what's that? No, actually, I just have everything together in a work box, so I can pack up at the end of each stitching session. I have cats.

4. Do you do anything to the sides of your fabric before starting?
Generally no. But it depends on the fabric. I worked with some velvet recently and that I overlocked the edges before framing up cause it was fraying quite badly.

5. What do you do with the leftovers when your done?
Put them aside for future use. But as I said before, I've only done a few kits and don't have that much stuff left over. What I do have left I haven't used yet, as it was cotton, which I don't use.