13 May 2004

Hat Nearly Finished

I haven't done any stitching this week, trying to get the sleeves for my outfit done. I have the buttons on, all I need to do now is the loops. I am going to do those by making a loop with the cotton and doing buttonhole over the loop. Should be nice and strong.

Last night I got a fair bit of work done on the hat. I covered the crown and sides with the fashion fabric (black wool blend). That is all sewn up. I also put the fashion fabric onto the brim. In the end I decided not to line the brim, it would have been too heavy, but you can see the pattern of the buckram through the wool, its thick enough to cover it well. So all that remains to be done on the brim is to trim the outside and bind with ribbon. Then sew the brim to the crown. If worst comes to worst and I run out of time, I can wear it without a lining.

On a side note, the spray adhesive worked much better than the wood glue. So with a bit of luck the hat should be finished tonight. I did try to take progress pics but the digital camera decided to start playing up. It is draining batteries instantly. Either that or its just not reading the charge in the batteries properly.