5 May 2004


Well, I settled down and got another couple of hours done on the scissors sheath. All the flowers and the leaves are now done. I have to make a decision about the background. I think I will do a couple of test sections tonight using both metal thread and also silk. See which one looks best and which one sews easiest.

I feel quite proud of myself at the moment. I actually rang up and ordered something over the phone. See, I have a bit of a phone phobia. It's not really a phobia as such, but more that we never had a phone until half way through primary school (grade 4 or 5). So I never grew up with one. Even through high school I hardly ever used it. Didn't really need to when my friends lived around the block and I saw them every day at school!

It's amazing how early habits stay with us. So even now, if given the choice, I will go to a shop in person to see if they have what I want rather than ring up and check first. So I am very pleased that I just rang up and ordered my hat stuff. Hopefully, it will be here by mid next week. That should give me enough time to make it. So I really should make the sleeves this week while nothing else is on my plate.