18 May 2004

Weekend Roundup

I had a fairly big weekend. I did get the hat finished. Got to the final bit, putting the hat band on and I couldn't find anything that would work. In desparation, I checked my jewellery to see if I could find anything to use. I found a natural pearl and hematite necklace. I draped that around the bottom of the crown of the hat and sewed it on. Once I got the pheasent feather on, the hat looked quite spiffy. I would offer pictures but the digital camera has decided to play up. Something wrong with the battery indicator (it says new batteries are flat)!!

Adam gave me a lift to our groups meeting place and we headed off to the demo at about 9.30am. We got to Gloucester about 11am. My Dad rang me just as we pulled up on the car park. We set up while the boys armoured up. Unfortunately, there were only four of them and it was quite a warm day, but they did well. We ended up doing two demos, with quite good crowds. Dad enjoyed watching the fighting and got to speak to our Baron, who is also an armourer. My Dad is a sheet metal worker by trade and wants to have a go a making a helmet and maybe some other bits of armour. Kinda good for me if I ever decide to take up fighting. We got home by about 5pm. It was a lovely day out. The weather was gorgeous, definately a nice way to spend a Saturday.

My outfit turned out pretty well. I was a bit warm but no excessivly so. I got asked by about half a dozen people if they could take my photo!! I felt like a super model (NOT!)

Sunday was a bit slower. Adam and I went to see Van Helsing at the movies. Not a bad picture for what it was. We then did a little shopping and organised it so we could get a frapachino from Starbucks. So sad. We got home and just crashed. It must have been good sleeping weather, we didn't wake up until tea time.

I got a bit of stitching done last night. I should get the silver background done on one side of my scissor sheath by tonight.