28 June 2004

Craft Overload

Well, it was craft related activity for three days solid.

On Friday, it was a 5.30am start for the early train down to Sydney. I had arranged to meet Adams' Mum and a friend of hers at the train station. We were supposed to get the 6.30am train. They didn't make it. The train left early. I then got a call from Adam, his Mum and friend were on the 6.30am train. I'd gotten the wrong one!! I felt so bad, but there wasn't a 6.20am train in the timetable!!

Anyway, we all end up down there by 9.30am. The crowds weren't too bad. I can't say there was anything that caught my imagination. I did manage to pick up some cloissonee enamel beads for a future embroidery project. I also managed to pick up a new Sizzix die. Finally, someone was selling Sizzix stuff.

I also checked out the quilt show. Nothing spectacular, not the best show they have had.

I ended up leaving at about 1pm. Adam's Mum and friend left as well, but decided to stop off at Paddy's Market. I had to be home by 6pm so I decided to go straight to the station. Got to the station and had to wait until 2.15 for a train, which was an express.

I got home about 5.30pm. I'd rung Adam on the mobile at 5pm and he ordered Chinese that we could pick up on the way home. I scoffed tea down and had to get ready to go away for a two day scrapbooking weekend.

I really didn't want to go cause I was tired and not interested in doing any scrapbooking. But I'd bailed on the previous weekend and promised I would go on the next one. I through a few things into my scrap tote and waited to get picked up.

It took an hour and a half to get to the camp ground where we were staying. Some sort of church camp. I was in a crabby mood!! I didn't do anything that night, just hung around and talked to people. In bed at 10.30pm.

Up early the next morning. Started with bacon and eggs for breakfast. That always puts me in a good mood. We had a few demonstrations of new techniques through the day and I sort of worked on a page. I picked photos, mounted a couple, but I didn't have everything I needed for the pages so I just left that layout. I wandered around, looking at other peoples stuff, and helping people use my Sizzix machine. People loved my Sizzix machine.

The people who run the weekend like to put a big effort in for Saturday night dinner, so the dining room was all decorated and lovely white linen table clothes etc. Nice tea, raost dinner. Yum. I'd brought a book with me, so by after dinner, I was in a relaxing mood, so I sat down near the fire and read my book. It was very pleasent.

Next morning, up early again, and more demos and wandering around and reading. We headed home about 2pm. I got home by 4pm. I missed my kittens and they missed me. I got a huge cuddle from the boy and the girl needs hugs too.

Didn't do much when I got home, just cuddled with everyone and tried to wind down. I ha a great weekend. I didn't do any pages. But I feel like scrapping again. I used to average about 300 pages a year, and in the last 18 months I've done nothing. So I am re-invigorated for scrapbooking. I think I will start to organise the two wedding albums I have to do.