8 June 2004

Embroidery on Scissor Sheath Finished

I finally bit the bullet last night and got out the materials to do the gold braid stitch that would finish off the scissors sheath. I tried to do the plaited braid stitch a la Mrs Christie and Leon Conrad and couldn't get it to work. I think part of the problem was that the imitation Jap Gold that I was using was either too thick or too thin. I tried another braid stitch and that didn't work either. Finally, I ended up using a Knot Braid stitch I found in a kit of instructions for Elizabethan Sewing Accessories that I got from Thistle Threads by Tricia Wilson Nguyen. It gave the appearance of a braided stitch but worked up really quickly. I did it in No3 Kreniek Jap Gold. It took me about three hours to do the two sides. This stitch is really fast to work and looks great.

I was able to do it, even leaving it to last. But next time I try it, I will definatley do the goldwork first as it was actually catching most on the silk thread. I thought for sure it would catch and stread on the silver thread.

When I finished the goldwork, I added small (1/8") pailettes to the middle of each flower and added a real freshwater pearl to the middle of that. All I have to do now is put it together. I am thinking of putting a leather liner in since the whole point of this project was to produce something that would protect my scissors and my work from the scissors! If I don't go with the leather, I am thinking of red silk.

The other thing I have to do is decide about the handle. I am thinking of doing fingerloop braiding for the handle and maybe adding a couple of covered beads like on the original, if I can work out how to do patterns on there. There is a handmade button book that I really need to get hold of that has all that sort of info in it.

Yesterday, I also picked up some Appletons wool to start work on my Anglo-Saxon keyhole neckline. That was sort of what prompted me to finish up the scissors sheath. I don't like having more than three projects on the go at once. So now I have to do some colouring in to work out what colours I want to use on the neckline and cuffs.