10 June 2004

Get Out The Asbestos Undies

Uh oh, looks like I've done it again.

I didn't mean to have a go at cross stitchers. When I said that what I make has a purpose, I meant it has a purpose for ME. That doesn't mean cross stitch is without purpose. If you do cross stitch because you want to put it in a specific place in the hallway, then go for it. For you, it has a purpose. To be honest, one of the reasons I don't do cross stitch is that I think it's much harder in some ways than free form embroidery. I have a terrible time keeping track of stitches and if you get the count wrong, the whole thing has to be done again. I just find free form easier.

And yes, I probably have some excessive tendencies. I don't know any crafter who doesn't!!