9 June 2004

Starters Vs Finishers

Over at Stitch Bitch, Anna has suggested that the stitching world falls into two categories, those who like to start projects and those who like to finish them.

I consider myself someone who likes to finish projects. As someone who is neither new to stitching or anal-retentive, I have some thoughts to offer.

Firstly, I am not a cross stitcher. This isn't a put down, or brag, just a statement of fact. I think that cross stitching as a style of embroidery lends itself to the put down and pick up something else method of working. Also, many of the projects that people take on are huge, taking hundreds of hours. I think this lends itself to bordom setting in. As does the repetitive nature of the stitch. Since I do freeform embroidery, it can vary the stitches I am doing and I also think you tend to get more coverage and faster completion with surface stitches.

Secondly, I tend to do projects that have a specific purpose. I don't belong to the stitch it and stick it on a wall brigade. All of my projects have some purpose, whether it be to put into a competition or to use in some way. Having a deadline or purpose for a project tends to give one more focus and drive to finish. Maybe its the competitive streak coming out in me?

Thirdly, I don't like feeling guilty. If I have a project sitting there, it nags me to finish it. So I try not to have more than three projects going at once. One tends to be the main project, that I want to get finished most quickly. Another is a not quite as urgent item and the third is my, "chuck it in a bag and drag it around with me and work on it if I get five minutes spare" piece that is finished when its finished. This is usually also a fun piece that I work on when the other two are annoying me. That way I am always stitching and therefore not feeling guilty.

So, there are a few comments on starters vs finishers. What do YOU think?