24 July 2004

Big Day Out

We got an early start on my birthday (Monday, 26th) today. We went to see Shrek 2. It wasn't bad. Not as tight as the first one, but still funny. Then we went for lunch at my favourite restaurant. Then off for some shopping, including my birthday present. Couldn't find much I liked. I was gonna go for jewellery, but we went to the bookshop first. I looked at the extremely crappy craft section, and couldn't find anything. But then as I was turning around to talk to Adam, I spotted something in the photography section. It was a new book that I had been on the look out for a couple of weeks. It was a new edition of a 1983 book on the Bayeux Tapestry. I'd heard about it on a few email lists and everyone said it was well worth getting. But they had only mentioned soft cover versions. But this one was hardcover. It was $60 AU. So significantly less than what the jewellery would've have cost and something I wanted more. Win, win for everyone.

So, movies, nice lunch, and excellent book, a good Saturday.