25 August 2004

Dangerous When Bored

Are you one of those people who are dangerous when bored? I am and I think I inherited it from my Dad. It was not unknown to come home from school to find a wall knocked out or a floor missing. But I have to say, there was always method to the maddness and all damage was fully repaired or project finished (not one of these guys who decides to renovate the bathroom, pulls everything out, then it stays that way for 6 years!!).

Anyway, I've been wanting to make a Central Asian Hat after seeing the finished product and instructions over at The Renaissance Tailor. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see why I got hooked, all that great embroidery. So anyway, I grabbed one of the old blankets I got at the Salvos recently. It was slightly the wrong colour, a bit too bright a yellow, but I figured it would be OK for a test run for the pattern size. It was a good fabric as well, since it was old and had fulled up quite alot. So I cut out the pattern in the wool and linen lining. I got basically the whole crown done in about two hours (with a fair bit of pfafing about). All I have to do now is put on the fur brim and decorate and I have a cool hat!

This is a very easy pattern to make up and if you want something modern, I've seen these made with polar fleece and just a turned up brim. You could knock one up in half and hour.