7 August 2004

Movies - The Chronicles of Riddick

We went and saw the Chronicles of Riddick today. I am a big fan of Pitch Black, the first Riddick movie. Some great horror elements with only a moderate amount of blood. A nice, intimate character study (as all good horror should be!). The sequal is very different - bigger budget, bigger effects bigger stars. Very similar to the difference between Alien and Aliens. Both movies work on their own terms and the sequals work because they don't try too hard to be the first movie, they use the first movie as a starting point and then go in their own directions.

I think that the character of Riddick changed slightly in this one, ruthless is the wrong word, more blase about killing than in the first one, perhaps? Not a turn of character that I particularly liked because I don't think it shows a proper understanding of the character as portrayed in Pitch Black.

However, a good movie. I will definately watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

We also got some MDF to make a box for me to sit all my totes on (one for sewing machine, one for overlocker, one for Sizzix stuff and one for vacuum cleaner). It has tidied my room up considerably.

We also got a new water pump for Pharaohs' water bowl and a laser pointer for both of them. Boy, they love chasing that little red dot. Now every time Bubba starts nagging cause she is bored, I'm putting that puppy out!