26 September 2004

More on the Viking Coat

Sharon has asked about the Viking Coat I am making. It took about 4 hours to sew it up. I am using a standard rectangle based construction technique. This is the style I use to make my various tunics (including the Anglo-Saxon one below). To make this coat, all I have done is have an opening down the front. This technique was used for nearly a 1000 years all over Europe and the Middle East (where the basic technique is still in use). The beauty of this construction technique is that you only need a couple of measurements to make it up. Also, you can use the same pattern for any number of designs. This one is in wool, and is a Viking style over caftan. However, if I was to make this style in a patterned silk or cotton, it would be perfect for a Persian coat.

If you look closely, you can see a faint blue line around the front seam, running around the bottom hem. I am going to embroider this. I will be using a variation of the pattern I used on the Anglo-Saxon tunic. This is from a Viking find and is in fact, believed to have been influenced by the Anglo-Saxon culture. Since I plan on wearing this with the Anlgo-Saxon tunic, it should be a good match. I had intended on doing it in green, but I think I will do it in yellow. I will be using DMC tapestry wool, so hopefully the work should go quickly. The coat only has one fastening, just below the neck line, where you see the neckling just kick in. I am hoping to talk to one of the members of my Barony, who makes Viking and Dark Ages jewellery. I am going to get a trefoil brooch to hold it closed.

BTW, I've added a picture of Adams' finished tunic below in the relevant post.