13 September 2004

Spot Motifs Details

Well, good news on the research front. I got the materials back from the musuem relating to the late Elizabethan/early Jacobean shirt they have on their website. The very kind lady at the musuem sent me the catalogue entry and its has sooo much info, its great. Lots of details about materials and construction and also, life size drawings of the motifs used. Now, this doesn't sound much, but when you are trying to be authentic, there are very limited sources. Most people when doing shirts either do counted work, for which there are many patterns or motifs, for which there is mainly Shorleyker...until now. This shirt and the info supplied by the musuem give a whole new set of period patterns for people to use. So now, one of the first things I need to do on my upcoming holidays, is to write a handout based on the catalogue info and make that available for people to use. Very cool. Might even expand it in to a Cocktrice article on extant shirts.