23 September 2004

Viking Coat and Quick Service

I spent most of yesterday working on my Viking coat. It is basically done ie it's wearable. I just have to make the lining, but I could wear the coat if I had to. I am thinking of doing embroidery down the front opening. If I do, I am using way thicker wool this time. The neckline was easier to do than I thought.

I ordered the wool yesterday afternoon and it arrived in the post today. I am very impressed with the very quick service from the shop. Luckily, they are right next door to the Post Office. I stayed up late last night and finished one of the two lines of embroidery. Just a few more hours to go and it will be finished. Might try and get it done tonight. That will get a major project out of the way.

We went shopping today and had lunch with Adam's parents. We ran into so many people it wasn't funny. I bought another pair of Colorado shoes today and a Colorado handbag. I am quickly becoming a walking Colorado advert!