17 October 2004

Evidence of Insanity

I've just spent 4 hours transfering the designs for the shirt to the linen. As I was standing over the ironing board, I thought to myself, "If it's taking this long just to put the designs on, it is going to take forever to do the embroidery. I am insane". I can't say that I have changed my mind! But at least I can begin to do the sewing. This project is going to have to be washed before the pieces are put together, so this will be my carry around project. I know have two long term projects in frame. The Elizabethan Sweetbag and this Blackwork Shirt, are both going to take well over 100 hours each to complete. But I think that the shirt will see enough progress to keep me interested and I will do the sweetbag when I need a break from the shirt. With a bit of luck, there will be progress pictures tomorrow.