30 November 2004

I've Been Drivin' All Night.....

Another three hours driving yesterday, the normal to and form work followed by a hoon down to Swansea to have tea at Adams' Mum and Dad's place. It's a good drive for getting time on the board, an hour each way. Also, we haven't been going down there as much as we probably should have so two birds with one stone. No stitching, too hot and no time.

And now for a little colour. Wanted to post a picture but I haven't done any thing, so below is an image of the Der Krönungsmantel of King Stephan. It was produced in the 11th Century, probably in Germany or of German workmanship. It is a silk ground fabric with couched goldwork. Take alook in the "Katalog" section for some great info (in German) but some very useful line drawings.