30 December 2004

Need for Colour and Quick Finish

With finishing the first sleeve last night, I felt like doing a project with a bit of colour and a quick finish. I disassembled the wool jacket I got from the Salvos a while back. I am going to make a pouch based on a seal bag from the period of Edward I of England. It's a bit early for the period of the person I am making it for, but the techniques used were still around in the 14th century. I am going to make a matching one for myself as well.

I also started to make a new type of item for Baroness' largess chest. Very quick to make up needlecases. Grey wool fabric, a lymphad in yellow wool in stem stitch and a border in green wool. The whole thing put together with red wool in blanket stitch around the outside. I've only done the ship so far. Pictures when I can get near the scanner.