29 December 2004


I'm finding it hard to settle down to anything today. So I am working on several projects are once. I managed to get the A and S cloak designed and a full size pattern drawn up. It should look good when it's done. I tried to get a few elements that would allow other people to work on it, but it really isn't working out that way.

I've washed a couple of blankets in an attempt to felt them up, but it just ain't working. But I now have some beautifully soft wool fabric, but not enough to make clothes out of. And I've taken apart a wool jacket I bought to cannibalise for other projects. One of which will be an Anglo-Saxon pouch.

I like to use the holidays more for getting projects set up rather than working on them. If I can get three or four ready to go, it means I can pick them up during the year when I don't have prep time.

More bad news about the tsunamis.