9 December 2004

The Present for the Hard to Buy for Person - A Cow, Chicken or Goat!!

I try to keep the blog on topic, but it is the silly season and I just came across these links on Mirabilis, and thought, "What a cool idea!":

Thanks to organizations like World Vision Canada, Heifer International (US), and Send a Cow (UK), and World Vision, Australia, you can buy one of these animals on behalf of a friend. Your friend gets a card and a warm feeling; the animal is delivered to people in poor parts of the world. World Vision Canada explains about chickens:

The gift of 2 hens and a rooster can start a whole brood of chicks that will provide eggs, meat and a source of steady income for years to come. This group of breeding chickens can help a struggling family become healthy and self-reliant.
and piglets:
Pigs can grow to 42 kilos in just 3 months, and thrive on eating kitchen scraps. They're a great source of protein and provide "natural" fertilizer for gardens. A pig can produce a litter of piglets every year — and families earn income from the sale of offspring. Buying three piglets can provide a family with everything they need to launch a small business.
Think laterally, Act Globally!