3 January 2005

Nearly Finished

Today I ironed the sheild section of the pouch. I managed to get rid of most of the deformation, but it isn't completely gone. However, now that the crescent is ironed, you can see the change in direction of the thread and it gives more defination to the shape. I have stitched the shield to the ground of the fabric (after putting fray stop around the edge of the shield).

I was then able to put the outline of string around the edge of the shield. I used a thick string, as I believe this will sit better than wool.

I think it looks much nicer now with the edging on. I was going to put the lining in tonight, but I just realised I don't have any cord, so no point in doing that just yet. Back to work tomorrow, so I won't be able to get the cord until the weekend.