2 April 2005

Mordenvale WWW Outfit

I put off the sewing all morning. I just wanted to bludge. I've been on holidays for nearly two weeks and been flat chat. Just no down time. I don't feel like I've had a holiday. But I eventually got to the sewing at about 2pm. I am doing the quick way, no overlocking the edges, no finishing seams. I will only be wearing the outfit a couple of days a year so I figure it should still last. The dresss was finshed by about 5pm. I then had a break for tea and finally at about 7.30pm I started the hat. I wanted to trim the dress with yellow tape but they didn't have enough at Spotlight, so I figured a yellow hat would help balance out the colours. I found instructions on the web in a couple of places for a Tudor flat cap. I managed to make it work and I am quite pleased with the outfit. I will be wearing it tomorrow so I will post a picture then.