6 April 2005

More on Hats and Wrestling

Alessandra: I am a woman of many interests. I was a huge wrestling fan in the early eighties, then it disappeared from the TV. I tried to resist when we got Foxtel, but the draw was too strong and I started watching again. Glad to see Taker won, but the Batista victory was the one I wanted - I'd go for anyone that beats Triple H!!

As far as the hat goes, I believe it's the same pattern as the one used by Elspeth, but I have managed to miss her Collegia at Festival two years in a row, so I can't say for sure! But it's pretty much the standard Viking hat pattern. Soooo easy to make.

I was going to make another one last night, but the draw of the tablet weaving was too strong, so I started a band for the hat. I can't finish the hats yet as I don't have any grey wool to do the seam finishes, so I am doing the band instead. I am taking hat kits to work and doing them at lunch. I can sew a hat (the six main pieces) in a lunch time (1 hr). So I should have about half a dozen done by the weekend.