24 August 2005

Day Off and Vogart Patterns

I had a day off yesterday, the whole getting sacked thing was getting to me. So I spent the day sewing. I made tunic for Adam's cousin. He needs it for a wedding he is going to. I still have to make a Wizards Coat, but that shouldn't be too difficult, just wish I had more fabric!

Maggie Ann asked where I get the Vogart patterns. Well, the first three I had I inherited from my Nan. But recently, after seeing some stuff on Pam's blog, I got inspired, well, reminded of my love of these patterns (especially the bluebirds and any pattern with losts of the Lazy Daisys on them!). So I've been out searching for them. I found an online store, that has the odd pattern every now and then, but the best source is Ebay. But BEWARE, there are a few sellers on Ebay who use the original covers but when you read the auction, they are not selling the actual transfers, but photocopies. For obvious reasons, I don't buy from these people.

You can also get Aunt Martha's at many craft shops, but I like the style of the drawings in the Vogart ones. So if you have any you want to get rid of, let me know!!