1 August 2005

More Hats and Roosters

I decided to get a bit scientific about my Viking Hat project, so yesterday, at our weekly gathering I went around and measured everyones head. The most common size was 56cm followed by 60cm. So last night I adjusted the pattern piece and started cutting out some hats to fit this sizing. I love these hats they only take about two hours to make and that is all hand sewn. Only problem is getting the tablet woven bands done, they take a bit longer. But I had another volunteer yesterday, so that is good.

I also managed to track down some tea towels. Not the best quality but by the time I hot washed and tumble dried them, the weave was close enough to work with. So I ironed on Monday, Tues and Weds of the Rooster set and will start working on that tonight or sometime this week.