26 October 2005

Anglo-Saxon Round Collar

This collar and cuff set will be for my nice green Anglo-Saxon under tunic. This goes under my other Anglo-Saxon tunic. The base fabric for this one is a nice chocolate brown. I am still deciding on colours for the embroidery. Instead of a key-hole neckline, I am going for plain round facing this time.

To transfer the pattern, I printed out the pattern in reverse (so that when transfered, the heart shaped leaves would be facing the right way!). Then enlarged it on the photocopier. Then I traced over the design on the photocopy with a chalk pencil. This was then placed face down on the fabric on a hard surface and patted down. This leaves enough of a pencil mark to then go over it again with another chalk pencil so that you have something to work with. Next step is to get it onto a frame.

So, what colours do you think would be the best combo? I am thinking of using two colours this time. Last time I just stuck with the nice mustard colour. That would work with this one as well, but I'd like to try something different. So vote for your two favourite colours by posting a comment. Just for info, the body of the tunic is a nice Kelly green and chocolate brown base for the collar facing.


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