21 October 2005

Blackwork Shirt Complete

It's finished!!! Yah, happy dance, can't wait to ware it! Just a matter of interlacing the sleeves to the body. Took about an hour. Below is a photo of the finished shirt. I will be getting some better photos done on the weekend. But this is to show you that it is indeed finished.

Before that is an image showing a close up of the interlacing used to join the pieces together. All the pieces of the shirt had their seams finished before I started embroidering. Then each piece, once the embroidery was done, was outlined in basic buttonhole. Then the pieces were just lined up and whip stitched together. The whip stitch goes through the loops created by the buttonhole stitch rather than through the fabric of the shirt. The catalogue entry says the original was joined with "interlaced insertion stitch", now in my opinion that is a category of stitch rather than a specific stitch. So in the interests of practicality ie I'm going to have to take it apart and sew it back together every time it's washed, I just used whip stitch. I believe that the reason for this type of joining is purely practical. You need to be able to take it apart in order to press the embroidery after washing. As well as practical, this seam treatment also acts as an additional form of decoration. Lia - does that make sense?