7 October 2005

Shirt Final Stages

Another few hours done. Up to about 25 hrs for the body of the shirt. I could probably get it done this weekend, but I've got a heap of housework and a wedding, so that will take care of most of Saturday and alot of Sunday. But I will have tonight, so that should be another 3 hours at least, so enough to do the other band, which will just leave the floral motifs (no peascods, yeah!) and the two bands on the shoulders. I will probably also do one row of motifs on the back, but they are smaller and different to the rest so that should only be another few hours. I think if I put in a big effort, there is a good chance that all the embroidery will be done by next weekend, which would mean I could get it washed and pressed a couple of times (to pre-shrink everything) before I then start putting it together.

Tonight will be Chinese food (Salt and Pepper Squid and Satay Chicken), followed by watching the cricket and sewing. It should be a good night, I feel like watching cricket. We actually won the first game, but I'm not surprised, when you mix players from five or more countries (for the World XI), you loose cohesion.

And to Julie, thanks for the comments and yes, the non-counted blackwork does come together pretty quickly. I'm up to 96 hours for the shirt so far, which is pretty close to my initial estimates. I think you get more bang for your buck with this style of blackwork and it's so much easier than counted work. If you make a mistake, you just add an new motif!! If your interested, there is my previous blackworked item of a caul.