6 December 2005

Thinking About Designs

No sewing last night. It was way too hot, even with the air con on. So I started to get ready for the next big project. I am going to do an Elizabethan coif, polychrome silks and gold plaited braid stitch. I think I am going to go for the full set of Elizbethan emebroidered accessories, though the sweetbag seems to be dropping off the radar, I really don't do counted work well! But I will finish it. I have the design worked out, the big problem is getting the right linen. I have a lightish weight, I'm not sure it will be heavy enough. I got some heavier linen last weekend, but while heavier, its also a much coarser weave. So I might hold off and see if I can find something with a bit more body. I also need to sit down and work out how much silk I will need. I have the colours picked, I just might need to order some more as I don't want to run out half way through. I also need to order some more black. I am thinking of doing a companion coif if blackwork. And since it's more likely to be a display piece, I am thinking of making it in the better quality silk.