2 February 2006

Sewing and Rapier

I got a few hours of sewing done last night, even though it was really hot (a normal person would've turned the air conditioner on!). Finished one side of the second pouch. Only got the filling of the flowers/leaves to go on second side, which I will get done tonight. Then I should get the two shields done on Friday night. This will give me Saturday to get the both of them sewn up and with a bit of luck, given to their new owners on Sunday. I will try and add pics a bit later, no longer have access at work to the right software to upload.

Did the sewing while watching Prison Break. It's been super hyped up here and with an Aussie in co-lead, had to give it a go. It was interesting, I just hope they don't spend too long getting to the break, you know what I mean, he has a five year sentence with a couple of months to execution but it takes 7 seasons to get there!

Thanks to Freydis and Alessandra for rapier comments. I play Elizabethan, so that is what I have in mind for my fencing garb. I have a nice wool dress and I was thinking a matching doublet, which I could just wear over the top would be enough to get me started.

And as far as picking a "style" of fencing, no idea yet, still working on the very, very basics! Although I like the sound of rapier and short sword/dagger.