6 February 2006

Sewing, Shopping and Unhappy Cat

I've done a few hours sewing. I finished filling in the flower/petal design on the second pouch. I spent Friday and Saturday nights working on the shields, which were completed. I then sewed them onto the pouch and outlined. So both pouches are now up to the construction stage. Sorry, no pictures, might give away the surprise!

I spent all day Saturday running around. Went to get the cord to finish off one of the pouches, but of course Spotlight didn't have any. I have enough to make the pouch, just need to make the drawstrings, so I can pick that up on the way to give it to the new owner.

I also went and bought a new fridge (with small freezer) and a small front opening freezer. I got the freezer because even when I make a small batch of say spagetti sauce, there is enough for several meals. The freezer means I can put it away and not eat spagetti for a week (even though there is nothing wrong with that). I wanted to make sure they had the stuff in stock cause Dad was driving three hours to help me pick them up!

I also picked up some glass and gem stone beads to make some Paternosters. It's something I've been wanting to try for a while but finding the right sized beads in good materials is really hard, even though three bead shops have opened up here in the last 6 months. They all seem to have the same stock.

We picked the stuff up Sunday, so it's now in place. I went to get a small cabinet to sit the freezer on, but they didn't have any the right size. But for an extra $30 they could custom make one exactly the right size. This will put the freezer at a more user friendly height and give me extra storage as well.

And I just gave my boy cat a bath. Man is he pissed at me right now. But once he dries out, is fluffy and beautiful and not as itchy, I will be popular again. I wish I could've gotten a photo, man was he annoyed.