23 February 2006

Tree Murderer

I decided to try and organise some of my many, many, many, many printouts last night. I've spent a while thinking about how to organise them and have decided on two methods. For the bigger subjects, where I know I will have lots of info eg Elizabethan embroidery or blackwork, they get their own folder. Everything else is being done by country/geographic area. The folders take up a couple of shelves in my main bookcase, so I am thinking of getting one of the cheap bookcases from Go-Lo, and putting this in the lounge room. Since the ex's speakers are now gown, there are two very nice bookcase size gaps next to the tv. That should give me enough room for one case for the folders, with room for growth and another one for magazines, books etc. That should free up some space in my craft room, for stuff that needs a home.

I managed to get about an hour done on the cuffs. I should get them done tonight. Still well within the time frame of one a week, but I was hoping for faster finish. But I have to make myself not get too focused on finishing one project at the cost of other things like going out or other forms of socialising. I have to keep reminding myself that these are not vital projects.

To break up the text, a cute cat photo. Cleo loves boxes and this one is JUST RIGHT:


wat is up wiv u u cant murder a tree u silly beep u need ur hed sortin out coz dat is weak man seriously!!