7 March 2006

Baronial Badges and Tourney

I managed to get a few kits together for the Baronial badges project. I actually have too many volunteers, which is really unusual. I might not even have any to do for myself! I will take a picture of the design and post it. I am going to make extra ones, so I am sure you will see progress pictures here soon. I am planning on entering them into the Queens Regalia Competition, since we fit all the criteria already. And it will be nice to lift Mordenvales A & S profile. Maybe time to start thinking about a kneeling carpet?

We had our monthly tourney was on Sunday as well. I wore my blackwork shirt. The pictures aren't great, I am a bit dishevelled after doing some archery (which was fun) and lugging lots of stuff around. But here is the outfit.

Damn, left the pictures are home, I promise to post them soon!

Note to Self:
Make a dress that actually fits!