31 March 2006

Senior First Aid Day Two

It hurts to type!! Well, not quite but I won't be moving much tonight unless I smell smoke. My knees are even sorer, and I realised why the back of my hand hurt, it was from doing the compressions in CPR. We did our tests today. Much more team oriented than it used to be. So I passed the 20 multiple choice questions, don't know what I got, I wouldn't be happy if I got any wrong so I didn't ask. Then we had scenarios we had to do. I got a kid who'd fallen off a bike. That meant lots of fractures. Fractures are good because basically you just leave them alone, except for a bit of padding. Oh, BTW, I passed. So I am good for another 2 years.

We finished early, so I went to the scrapbook shop that was around the corner from the St Johns place. I had planned on going there at lunch time but the traffic was killer. I also managed to stop in at OfficeWorks to get some magazine holders. Magazines just seem to breed!! I looked at the computer section and they actually had the Toshiba R10 tablet PC on display. This is one of the two tablets I have been looking at. I am tempted to treat myself with the left over mortgage money. But I will have to see how things go. I don't really need it but I have wanted one since they first came out and it will be cheaper than the HP that is the other contender. Then I checked out Spotlight. They have some wool, but it's cashmere blend, so beyond the budget at $40m. All this after course activity means that I now have a clear Saturday.


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