1 March 2006

What A Day!

I think I am starting to recover from yesterday! I had a really big day for work, involving driving quite a ways to somewhere I've never been before. I did quite well and didn't get lost on the drive or at the hospital! It was a pretty early start so I was pretty tired by the time I got home, but rapier practice was on. A couple of people turned up and we had fun. Ish had enough armour that we could stab him. I have realised while I don't mind doing sporting activities, I quite like them, what I detest is practicing! I remember when I did tennis for a while, I went to lessons for 6 months and we never got to play a game, all I did was hit a ball over the next. It got so boring. That might be fine if you want to be professional, but if you are in it for a bit of fun, then it is no good. So I am much more pumped about rapier now. So I really need to get myself organised. Hardest thing to get hold of is going to be a mask. I am hoping to pick one up cheap, if I can.

I got a bit of sewing done last night as well. Nearly finished the red on brown collar. I have to work on fixing up my Persian outfit for the weekend.