17 April 2006

Easter TV and Sleeves

Just wanted to clarify, I'm not a particularly religious person and not a Christian. But I do enjoy the religious movies around Easter. If I am going to get religion on TV, then Easter is the best time. I don't know if it means increasing secularisation in Australia. I think we've always been pretty laid back about it here, compared to say the USA. And I think that is a good thing. I think the live and let live attitude is the best way to go. And my biggest complaint about the Ten Commandments remake was how come all the Egyptians were obviously Middle Eastern looking and Moses and the Hebrews way more European looking? No blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus, but not far off it. I didn't see the sleeze re-write, but that wouldn't surprise me in the least! Flame away if so inclined.

I have been working on my sleeves. I can get the right shape, but only with lots of gathering, which makes it look puffy. I need to get the rounded shape but with less gathering/pleats/puffiness. Please feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong.