20 May 2006

Shopping Frenzy

I had planned on doing some maintanence around this house this weekend, but it turns out that is planned for next weekend. Dad is coming down to help me with it. So I went shopping and spent a ridiculous amount of money. The break up settlement money came through and I decided to buy some nice clothes (well, nice for me) and a good pair of going out shoes.

I ended up with 6 winter tops, two dress camisoles (to wear under other tops), two plain camisoles (also to wear under other tops, especially the ones that are a bit low cut to wear to work otherwise), a good pair of black mid-height heal shoes (they were really expensive, but very well made, extremely comfortable - who as someone who never wears heals, this is a major point) and a replacement pair of walking shoes. Also the odd bit here and there (necklace - but one I have been after for ages, it will go with just about everything I own).

Got home and was exhausted but managed a couple of hours of sewing while watching tv.