23 October 2006


This post is prompted by a comment by Pam over at Kitty and Me Designs. She mentioned that the first charted patterns were published in 1804. This isn't quite correct. (Although the patterns she is talking about are presented in a much nicer format).

Modelbuchs or modelbooks are the name given to the early printed patterns books that became widespread in the mid-16th Century. Most are divided into two or three sections, in no particular order.

The first type resembles modern crosswork patterns. They are worked on a grid in black and white. They could be used for any number of counted-work techniques, such as long-armed cross stitch to produced Voided or Assisi work or needlepoint. An example from Paganino:

Here is my version of this pattern, done in silk in long-armed cross stitch:

The second type is designed for making needlelace, a forerunner of modern bobbin-based laces. An example from Paganino:

The third is free form patterns, which could be used for a variety of things, including use on chemises or shirts or for goldwork on outwear such as bodices, doublets or capes. From Shorleyker:


Online modelbuchs:
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Plus the book by Peter Quentel done by Linn Skinner of SkinnerSisters.com