29 November 2006

The Vogart 300

I just received a recent Ebay purchase in the mail. It's a "Vogart Embroidery Color Chart" for Style Numbers 300-388. Now, I've never seen any transfer patterns with those numbers (only 100's, 200's, 600's and the odd 700). I have wondered about the missing number series. Has anyone seen anything Vogart numbered in the 300's? I'm thinking that perhaps these might be pre-printed sets/kits. But why would these need a colour chart, wouldn't that come with the set? Ideas? Bueller?


I recently "discovered" Vogart and Wonder Art--both were available at 5 and 10 stores. I have some of the 300 series--You are correct. They were pre-printed. There are no instructions with them as kits are today. The catalog or color chart was the only suggestion for colors. Two sets(Spring and Fall) were published each year.