23 December 2006


I went for a final pre-Christmas shop today to buy some last minute crafty items to keep busy over Christmas. Got a bit of a bargain. I was looking through Spotlight and saw they had some velvet on sale. Most of it was not suitable, being tie dyed. However, they had some nice traditional light olive on the same rack. I double checked and it was only $5 a metre. So I bought all that was left, 10m, couldn't resist when it's normally $25m!! I figure that will be enough to get one dress and maybe something else out of it, maybe a loosegown. Oh, just remembered I have some really nice fake fur, maybe a loose gown with either brown or black fur trim?? Mhhh, but do I use the black or the brown. I think brown would look nicest, but then what do I use for the rest of the trim?? Maybe gold....sage green with brown fur collar and cuffs and gold trim. Sounds nice.