6 January 2007

12th Night Coronation

Had a road trip down to Sydney for 12th Night Coronation. Got a lift with Luce. We found it with only a small detour. Luce dropped me off because I had to see if I was in time to make court to present the cuffs to Asa. Luckily, SCA time held and even though we were an hour and half late, I still made it in time for the presentation.

But it was literally a case of getting out of the car and walking straight into Court!! Zanobia was also their to present her cushion to Draco. Rowan and Mathilde were also part of the group. I think they liked their pressies!

I had to chat to Asa a bit later in the day to explain that the cuffs might need a bit of a blocking to get rid of the last of the bunching. She told me to check out Draco's outfit, as she'd used my handout to make the embroidery on his outfit. I was very chuffed.

Had a great day of just lounging around and chatting to people. Having a picnic makes much more sense when the weather is so hot.

Final Court of King Draco of Jorvik and Queen Asa Beiskalda - Alfar Kneels for Coronation