23 January 2007


I'm bummed. I had my first embroidery night on tonight and only had one person show up. I wouldn't have minded so much but lots of people said they were definately coming. Normally, I try and run something like this I set pretty low expectations, but I had such firm commitments this time. Ah well, I had a very nice chat with the person who did show up and she has a good idea of the project she wants to work on.


Aww.. That's a bit disappointing, when you have people fail to appear. Maybe it slipped their minds or something. Did you do a lot of advertising for it? Reminded people gently a day in advance? That usually helps to jog people's memories.

Anyway, with only one other person that leaves you with all the time needed to help them :) I'm sure she appreciated it.


Yeah, I totally forgot to send a reminder email to people, and the weather was pretty hot, so both those combined probably held the numbers down.

I will keep trying.