26 February 2007

Singing in the Rain

Sorry to be offline for a few days but I came down with some weird bug. I started to get the sniffles and sneezes, then they went away and was replaced by a complete lack of energy and tiredness. So I had a couple of days off work.

I managed to get better by Sunday. We had a big day planned for our group. One of our group is involved in Scouts, so we did an all day demo for them at a big regional event they held on the weekend. I had been worried all week it would be too hot in garb, as it had been averaging around 30 C all week. But the Sunday dawned gloomy and rainy. It stayed that way all day and we were all soaked by the end of it.

We decided to combine the demo with our Newcomers Event. Would've worked out great except for the weather!! But I think we might have a few of them come to our regular meetings. Sorry, no pictures as it was too wet to take any! Well, I took some of the fighting but that all looks the same!