20 February 2007

Vogart Embroidery Transfer Gallery

I've finally been able to track down a good image gallery generator and have gotten the Vogart Embroidery Transfer Gallery online:

The purpose of this gallery is to give people a reference for the various covers and patterns. It should be especially useful for people looking at online shops who only list the number and not an image of the designs.


Hi Laren,
I haven't visited for a while, since you had some personal problems and didn't blog for some time. I am very pleased to see you are back online! Your work on the Vogart catalogue is fantastic! I have a few packs of Vogart, and a few of Aunt Martha's transfers, and although I have only used two or three so far, I just love having them in my stash to choose from! I will check to see if there are any in mine that you don't have here.

Me again...knew I should have looked first! I only have two Vogart transfer packs - Nos.127 and 260. Most of mine are Aunt Martha's, with a few other brands thrown in: Superior Transfer Design No.142, McCalls No.710 and some Laura Wheeler pattern service oddities - colour transfers!